A man face pale, stumbled into the forest depths, eyes write full of rocky horror.

He that is, has been out of the gate was not involved in the brother of oranges, soccer shoes sale because with the relationship between parties are good, active up tracking the nien beast as the duty, from both sides of the guild wars around and not in the years after behind beast, constantly from all over the years is blood upon beast bring out more detection and sword mouth.

But, also ‘to’ saw a group of bare-foot brother be look weird ‘mystery man’ flying probe the whole process of the shot, unless the nien beast is dying, see will die things out, he would have how far away from the shelter run.


The oranges in hand, the nien beast did not much support sword, soccer cleats sale but a common made their physical appearances players, and without the superior fighting skill, it is embarrassing that the firm to cut more than ten sword in hand in absolutely no effect on beast, the nien beast is still as a lion Qiang turn injured leap up.

The man’s tears, worried, a full face anxiously as the nien beast could flee, depressed to almost vomiting blood.

Then drag, the eccentric guy will come after, when the nien beast die, is that he died…

“* *’s die?”

Before you know it, adidas predator front suddenly enlightened, a pink yinke appeared in front man, the nien beast without sleep, and continue to carry the injured body rush move;

The man is surprised, immediately recognize, this is very famous flower wuhu move the door of the house is, and the inside of the disciple all masked for stealing, ten points strength strong, not only has high quality of the light achievement and jianfa, and to protect the body have part of the ability of substitute stealthily, can well cut damage, and strength to all “occult” later, usually someone accidentally into yinke, encounter masked female stolen all can’t made it out alive. (read duduwo nest. Com)

“Hold unlucky”

Man completely depressed, those behind a monster after the death of god, front does return of longtan go, no matter how to walk is dead.

But thought…

“One thousand each other into meet masked yinke female stolen?”

The idea quickly in his mind suffused spreads, soccer cleats online, “a chance to” mind a vibration, followed up with the nien beast of figure, ventured into yinke, with his teeth to speed up the culling the speed of the nien beast.

A pity.

Soon after the yinke, a perversion of the sound like women from all directions resound, “still run?” From the powerful momentum not only caused more masked women around the attention of stealing, also immediately stimulation to just survival and developed the idea of a man, turn head a see, a mysterious man dress design and color, sneer at appeared in the his 20 meters away, and air and stand, very not exaggerating.

“His nima…”

Before the man cursing vulgar mouth say that finish, mystery man raised my hand against them the needle is flying.


Vomit blood mouth, man struggling to a wide mouth and horror desire unique, and attempted to use sword to chop off the fly needle in the entrance of the silk thread, can cut down the sword that constantly, silk thread as if fine steel general tenacity, in addition to let him more pain, damage the further deepen and vomit a gulp of blood, and no way to get rid of.

“… the evil magic…”

Mystery man in front of the stand to volley,adidas f50 listen to the other good difficult curse and, without a word, did not immediately to kill this man, light glanced in the years after the beast, fly out of a record again fly needle, took the blind fled the nien beast, and then ShuRan turned his face, his eyes to raise charm chin, commanding, out to the left or right side to fly from the two pink out of my mind.

Pink handkerchief to wipe away in the red green;

Mystery man more and more natural feminine action, imposing manner also become very surprising, as if, as long as is going for feminine action, can let his strength stronger.

“What people, dare I moved through the peach flowers.”

Crispy jiao angry to ring, two masked women appeared in two stolen one’s horizons of complicity to ignore off be controlled even talk to all very difficult orange brother, dignified eyes staring at air and stand in half sky, as god evil spirit general mystery man……

Aware of the latter hand needle thread fly, masked women look a stolen change, “choke choke” sword drawn at the same time, the you cold light directly to the mystery man:

“Crossing the needle was sunflower treasure dian is east don’t hurt you what people”

“We moved to take work, what is the peach blossom Lin attempt to say”


Mystery man smell speech disdainful of sneer at the smile,adidas f50 adizero the movement to a got his chest hair silk light, look to one side, apparently without dialogue with NP interest.

“Fanatics died”

Pink figure a flash, two masked women NiuShen stolen at the same time, from where the left a shadow, quickly in the ten meters away, a speed, the movement of vigorous, appalling.

Two people move, the mystery man was decisive spin a body and on, pink handkerchief into high flying to a higher place, both hands is played repeatedly, finally solved there nobody, gentle silk thread burst surprising strength, will pull in the large body beast but fly back, a head in the nearby dust blocked.

Cane to make moves, mystery man hands missiles, drag the brilliant bright silk pecked the fly needle, crisscross blaster, in the air of a voice hissed ride.

Masked women face stolen big change, hurriedly stopped, wield a sword.

Ding ding

“Occult” late on wulin, consciousness is not off the river’s lake rookie players can match, ten pillars fly needle instantly flew away into half.

However, there are still a few roots penetrated masked women to protect the body of stealing, scratch their health.

Mystery man, such as the fairy people generally, in the sky and no object under the condition of the means, the side of a woman’s soft like sound, side around masked women surrounded by stealing and, at the same time, the needle constantly, in two masked female stolen pink skirt unlined upper garment of a slight left scar.

Was the force with one person, two masked female

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